Laura Herrero Garvin

La Pell dels Murs

La Pell dels Murs


La Pell dels Murs

Documentary Series. Un Capricho Producciones - TV3


A show about urban art to show the process of creating large mural works in Catalonia.

Una serie sobre arte urbano para mostrar el proceso de creación de grandes obras murales en Cataluña.

Cap.4 - T.1 Jorge Rodríguez Gerada - Laura Herrero - La pell dels murs

This chapter of "The skin of the walls" is dedicated to the Cuban-American artist resident in Barcelona Jorge Rodríguez Gerada. Gerada is one of the most recognized mural and land art artists worldwide and, on this occasion, he creates a very personal work. Perhaps the most personal work of all the ones he has made in his career. This is how the director Laura Herrero captures it in this documentary.<br />When Herrero and the program team proposed to follow up on one of his pictorial projects, Gerada, after a few days of reflection, decided to create a special work that celebrated the life of his son Neuquén, who passed away months earlier, due to a very long degenerative disease.